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Kleary's Mighty Pip--Registered Irish Sport Horse Mare

Kleary's Mighty Pip is the complete package in smaller form. Standing 14.3 hands and a smidge, Pip has a standard horse stride and a big heart. An alpha mare with confidence and power, Pip will take any rider--young or old--far with the added advantage of being low to the round for mounting! Pip began professional training in late 2009, has experience (including blue ribbons and championships) in Jumpers and has completed Novice Events in the ribbons with an amateur rider including a 5th at Rebecca Farms in Montana. Next Event will be at Training level.

Kleary's Mighty Pip (RIDSH)
Irish Sport Horse Filly
Foaled: May 2006

Sire: Tors Gentleman Farmer (RID)

Dam: Sally Sells Shells (TB)

Kleary's Mighty Pip is a registered Irish Draught Sport Horse with the Irish Draught Society of North America IDHS(NA).

Pip's sire won the stallion class at the Royal Dublin Show in 2008 & 2011.

Pip stands 14.3 hands

Dam: Sally Sells Shells (TB)

Sire: Tors Gentleman Farmer (RID)


Recent Photos

Pip is now in professional H/J training
Pip on her first trail ride, a trip to Bodega Dunes August 2009

Kleary's Mighty Pip during inspections in October 2008. Our first Registered Irish Draught Sport Horse filly.

Pip is learning to work, sometimes in a saddle, sometimes without.

Pip at her inspection October 2008

Pip as a yearling.


Early Photos

Pip photos fall 2006 at home

Kleary's Mighty Pip (Pip) is pictured on Day 1.

Pip with Cindy on Day 1


Pip In Film

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