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Kleary's Foolish Heart (Flo)--Registered Irish Sport Horse Mare

Flo is spending 2014 Eventing in Southern California with Dawn.
See Facebook.com/KlearyField for updates on Flo and Dawn's adventures!
Flo's 2013 Highlights include:
Ridden by her amateur/owner/breeder, Flo jumped clear cross country and had 1 stadium rail
in 5 Events at 5 different venues and completed the Training 3-Day (long format) at Rebecca Farm, Kalispell, MT with a clear stadium round - one of just six with 29 starters.
1st in 1.10m Jumpers in field of 30 at Sonoma Horse Park A show
In 3 Preliminary Events Flo had no stadium penalties and was fastest on XC twice.
Watch this Preliminary Cross Country Round at Galway Downs Nov. 2013
Click to see Preliminary Stadium Round Galway Downs Nov. 2013
Flo is a Registered Irish Draught Sport Horse (approved for breeding) and
particpating in the Society's annual show Flo won:
Supreme Partbred Performance Champion
Overall Dressage Champion
Overall Versatility Champion
Overall Jumper Reserve Champion
Level 2 Jumper Champion
Level 3 Jumper Champion.

Did we say loves to jump? Loves.
Now Eventing at Preliminary level.

Flo loves to JUMP! Kleary's Foolish Heart (Flo) is a Registered Irish Draught Sport Horse mare. Flo is 1/2 Thoroughbred; 1/4 Swedish Warmblood; and 1/4 Irish Draught. She is a sound and athletic horse with three lovely gaits and a powerful jump. Flo has professional training and showing experience in Eventing and Jumpers. She has Evented at Training level (3rd place in her first outing). Won the 1.10m against a field of 30 at a 2013 A show and was Champion at .95m at her second H/J show. Flo won blue ribbons in Dressage, Jumpers, and Combined Training as well. Ready to take any rider into the ribbons.

Flo has always shown great interest in jumping - free jumping at liberty in the arena and then immediately turning around to jump back again the other direction before she ever left home for professional training. Flo is well suited for a career (following in her sire's hoofprints) in Eventing or Jumpers. When Flo was presented in 2010, Irish inspectors found her to be a "good filly showing scope and easy temperment."

Watch videos of Flo in action - click on the links below

Kleary's Foolish Heart
Registered Irish Sport Horse Filly
Foaled: June 2007

Sire: Jack of Hearts (RIDSH)

Dam: Parfait (TB/Swedish Warmblood cross by Ultimate Pleasure)

Kleary's Foolish Heart is a Registered Irish Draught Sport Horse with the Irish Draught Society of North America IDHS(NA).


Sire: Jack of Hearts (IDSH)

Dam: Parfait (TB/Swedish Warmblood
by Ultimate Pleasure)

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Flo In Film

Flo schooling Training Level Cross Country September 2012
Flo Dressage June 2012 with Junior Rider
Flo schooling Cross Country brush fence October 2011

Flo Free jumping May 2009

Flo jumping with the other Yearlings (first Flo, then Mac, then Blue)

Flo playing with other 2007 foals

Flo's mom (Parfait) is Boss!

Films are great with DSL or cable. They take a long time to load with dial up.

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