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Kleary's Grace - Registered Irish Draught (RID) Mare

Kleary's Grace (RID)
Irish Draught Mare
Foaled: April 2005

Sire: Coille Mor Hill (RID)

Dam: Moorpark Girl (RID)

Kleary's Grace is a Registered Irish Draught with the Irish Druaght Society of North America IDHSNA.

Grace is a proven broodmare with a lovely half-bred filly Kleary's Clover Girl and a handsome pure-bred gelding Kleary's Fox Kennedy

Dam: Moorpark Girl (RID)

Sire: Coille Mor Hill (RID)

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Recent Photos & Activities

Proud mother Kleary's Grace with Kleary's Clover Girl

At left, Grace at her inspection in October 2008.
Above, Grace takes Cindy and her sister for a tour
of the ranch.

Grace takes Karen on a trail ride with Cindy and Jack in July 2008, Jack London State Park.

3 year old Grace is patient with young riders as she learns about trot poles and travels the trails of the back pasture with her 9 year old friend.

Gracie has had a busy 2008. She has begun trail riding and is pictured at left with Deb aboard at Jack London State Park. Above, Grace is shown at her first competion a Pair Pace with Jack at Lone Tree Farm, Claudia Colo is aboard. And below, Grace joins Jack on a lovely day to school cross country. Grace only partook in the water obstacle.

Grace is a nice mover and a quick learner and she is really, really calm and sweet. Not a bad jump either.

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Foal Photos & Fun

Gracie gives rides to visitors

Above, Gracie from May 2006. At right, Gracie in December 2006.
Grace is relaxed and willing as a late yearling already backed.

Grace is pictured above from July 4, 2005, just shy of 3 months.

Grace was bred in Ireland but born at Kleary Field in California. Her sire, Coille Mor Hill, still stands in Ireland.

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Gracie's First Halter Walk & Other Films

Films are great with DSL or cable. They take a long time to load with dial up.

Grace grows up and has a foal

Grace Grows Up (and tries jumping)

Day 3 in the Paddock

Big Pasture Day 10 with Moorpark Girl and Lulu

Grace goes to Cindy
First Walk: No One Told Grace There's Be COLTS!

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