Kleary's Lucky Star (Stella)


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Kleary's Lucky Star (Stella)

Kleary's Lucky Star
Irish Sport Horse Filly
Foaled: May 2011

Sire: Brandenburg's Windstar (RIDSH)

Dam: Sally Sells Shells (TB)

Kleary's Lucky Star will be a registered Irish Draught Sport Horse (IDSH) progeny with the Irish Draught Society of North America IDHS(NA) until her inspections at about age 2.


Dam: Sally Sells Shells

Sire: Brandenburg's Windstar

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Recent Photos & Activities

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Early Photos & Activities

Stella with Lulu on Day 1 - only a couple of hours old

Stella In Film

Stella shows some moves

Stella and Cindy (or what is Cindy teaching her!?!)

Stella plays on wet grass - 1 week old

Films are great with DSL or cable. They take a long time to load with dial up.

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